Swine Flu Hits Dawsonville

Today there has been many H1N1 cases confirmed  in Dawsonville Ga. that had infected many of our school age children. So many has been infected that now most ppediatrician have been told not to even prescribe Tamiflu that is helpful in shortening the length of the flu. This is being done because the pharmacies simply are out of stock on the drug.

One Dawsonville pediatrician has said that he will not prescribe Tamiflu to Swine Flu victims  because he is worried of side effects.He said this position has cause many parents to exclaim they will go elsewhere for childcare if he will not offer the prescription.

The best thing to do is to get the vaccination preferrably the mist for your child if there is ever any vaccines availables. Practice good hygiene. If you het sick stay home . Going to the doctor unless you are very sick may not be helpful since they will only tell you to drink fluids and take Tylenol and Motrin. if you are elderly or have any other threating illnesses thay may comprise your immune system the doctors then will prescribe Tamiflu to help you.

So as our city is under attack from this terrible virus; I hope you escape its reaches.