Joomla in North Georgia

Joomla in North Georgia” is this term of any real search value?

 Beware of SEO companies that claim they can rank you for search terms that nobody really ever searches for. There is a local SEO company in Dawsonville that used a proof of their expertise in search engine rankings that they rank for the term Joomla in North Georgia. This article was published in the 400 edition magazine. It was a beware article of other seo companies.  They trashed other SEO companies in this article while at the same time promoting them selves as experts.This is fine but there are zero searches for the term “Joomla in North Georgia” on the web according to Google keyword tool that allows people to know the search volume for terms. Therefore ranking for this term is of no real value on the internet. There are many rip offs out there today from web companies that claim to be search engine experts.

Many web designers feel they have a knowledge of SEO.  However SEO is an art.  Ranking for highly competive or more general terms is a true test of a SEO companies performance and or the amount of targeted traffic they are able to bring to a site. Ranking for a term such as Joomla in North Georgia is a term that when a SEO company is proud of this accomplishment needs to rethink what they are offering to their clients. This is of no value period. 

There is one company that knows SEO on Georgia. The company’s name is Click Ready Marketing.  They have many clients that they have successfully achieved high value keyword rankings for that enhances their client’s sales and conversions. Including taking a client from the company that wrote the article in the 400 edition magazine. The company they took from them had been a client for over 5 years without ranking for any terms that would be associated with the clients customers base. So beware of companies that boast their expertise without any real knowledge or training in SEO. So if you are a business in Dawsonville in need of Search Engine Optimization check out CRM